Word of Mouth

Connect with your friends in Vancouver to find your next job

Word of Mouth is a tool many people over look. Notify your friends and family, and other people you interact with that you are on a job hunt and on the lookout for new work. They might know a person who knows a person that might be hiring in Vancouver! Networking is a big ingredient to your next job. Sometimes you just need to connect to the right person, so the more opportunities you have to convey what you’re searching for, the better the likelihood that someone in return will follow back up with you.

You should attend Vancouver job fairs to socialize with others, introduce yourself to potential employers, and try to make a great first impression. Other job seekers might have tips for you too, so start a small group to support each other as you seek jobs. You don’t have to do this on your own.

Keep in mind, finding a fulltime job is a fulltime job. If you are not putting in the hard work you will have much less success. Think of this experience as an opportunity to brush up on your researching skills, networking skills, and writing skills.