Social Media

Use Social Media Tools to find your next Job in Vancouver

Social Media might be the fastest growing trend amongst Recruitment in Vancouver. Human resources specialists are experiencing difficulties with recruiting candidates by using the old fashion approaches as a result of the new online networking worlds and social media. The top five social media sites in Vancouver are LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Blogs.

You will learn more about a company by looking at their Company Page on LinkedIn or Facebook. Watch if you can follow them on Twitter to learn about updates or job openings, and see what videos they may have created to showcase why they are a great company to work for.

When employers are looking at your resume, they want to look at how involved or not involved you may be online. It is not unheard of for a employer to check out your LinkedIn profile, after all, LinkedIn is a means to show your specialized background and get in touch with your coworkers and business partners.

Be careful of the other sites. To appear professional and skilled on LinkedIn and having your profile to 100% completeness surely is eye-catching, however be sure that you are appearing professional on all other channels on the web too.